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Pick 3 Results For Wednesday 28, December 2022 (Jamaica)

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It is a great pleasure to have you join us. Please scroll down to view the most recent results of the Jamaican Lottery, which is operated by Supreme Ventures.

PICK 3 Results For Today

Wednesday 28, December 2022

Respected users, Our Experts are here with Pick 3 Results on Wednesday 28, December 2022, The team is active to update you about all activities of Supreme Ventures Lottery in Jamaica.

Pick 3 Results For Wednesday 28, December 2022 are as follows

The latest Pick 3 Results by the Supreme Ventures draw of Jamaica on Wednesday 28, December 2022. The following Results are out:

The winning numbers of the pick 3 draw for today can be seen below in the table.

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2 0 1



0 6 9

MIDDAY  01:00 PM


8 9 8



5 6 8



7 0 5

The pick 3 Result is announced now. The team update regularly all Supreme Ventures Lottery results which are held in Jamaica. The Draws take place six times a day for Pick 3 at 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM 1:00 PM, , 5:00 PM, and 8:25 PM. Its time is about Jamaica (GMT-5) (Easton Time)


to the


from the team.


How to Play the Jamaican Pick Three Lottery?

The Pick 3 format is quite well-liked in many different countries. Supreme Ventures is also responsible for managing and operating Jamaica’s version of the game.
You won’t have any problem understanding how the Jamaican game works if you’ve ever participated in a lottery structured like a Pick 3 in another country. Do you know the reason? Because it is identical to the three-digit lotteries played in other regions of the world.

What I Can Expect to Win in a Pick 3 game?

Players have the opportunity to win anywhere from 60,000 dollars to 600,000 dollars with each drawing. The players can place various bets, contributing to the good odds of winning the Pick 3 game, which results in a substantial sum. To start with Pick 3, you’ll need to always keep the following fundamentals in mind.

To participate in Pick 3 Jamaica, you will need to decide on a three-digit number that falls anywhere in the range of 000 to 999.

What are the pick-three draw times?

The drawings are held each and every day at the following times: 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 8:25 p.m. Players have the opportunity to find out the most recent Pick 3 outcome as soon as it is announced because these events are televised and streamed live. Anyone who would like to see the drawing being broadcast on television must tune in to Television Jamaica at the specified time to do so.

Jamaica, Pick 3 Ood Numbers.

Tickets for Pick 3 Supreme Ventures offer players amazing odds of winning and fantastic rewards if they are fortunate.
A straight bet player can win a maximum of 600,000 dollars. However, the maximum amount a player may win on a 10-dollar wager is going to be 6,000 dollars. To win the most money in the game of chance, you’ll need to have a lot more guts and be prepared to lose a lot more cash.
In the event of a mix bet, there are numerous ways to make money.

If you select a Mix 6-Way ticket, all three digits in your combination will be played in all conceivable combinations. If you select the number 178, for instance, a 6-way bet will let you win for the numbers 178, 187, 871, 718, 817, and 781. The most you could win if you bought a ticket for ten dollars is one thousand dollars.
If there are two similar numbers in the combination, the ticket is a Mix 3-Way. The digits you select, for instance, must be 773. In

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