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Pick 4 Results For Sunday 19 February 2023 (Jamaica)

Pick 4 Results For Today

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It is a great pleasure to have you join us. Please scroll down to view the most recent results of the Jamaican Lottery, which is operated by Supreme Ventures.

Sunday 19 February 2023

Respected users, Our Experts are here with Pick 4 Results on Sunday 19 February 2023, The team is active to update you about all activities of Supreme Ventures Lottery in Jamaica.

Pick 4 Results For Sunday 19 February 2023 are as follows

The latest Pick 4 Results by the Supreme Ventures draw of Jamaica on Sunday 19 February 2023. The following Results are out:

The winning numbers of the Pick 4 draw for today can be seen below in the table.

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7 8 0 2



1 3 4 7

MIDDAY  01:00 PM


3 4 5 9

DR-TIME  05:00 PM


7 1 3 5



8 8 5 6

The Pick 4 Result is announced now. The team update regularly all Supreme Ventures Lottery results which are held in Jamaica. The Draws take place six times a day for Pick 4 at 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM 1:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 8:25 PM. Its time is about Jamaica (GMT-5) (Easton Time)


to the


from the team.


How to Play the Jamaican Pick 4 Lottery?

Jamaicans enjoy playing Pick 4 for several different reasons. To begin, the structure of this lottery is significantly different from other lotteries on the market today. The format comprises the numbers and the order in which they should be presented. In addition, players have the option of selecting a bet. Everyone can bet as little or as much as they believe is appropriate.

Pick 4 was first made available to the public in January 2012. The game shot to prominence during its first year of production and has maintained the same widespread acclaim since it first gained widespread distribution.

Pick 4 has, throughout its history, awarded some very incredible top prizes, which we will discuss in one of the following sections. Are you prepared to get things going? Let’s learn more about this well-known lottery that’s played in Jamaica.

The Pick 4 Jamaica regulations specify that participants must choose four numbers, each in the range from zero to nine. To win the greatest reward, players must match all four numbers and the order they selected.

A player who picks 1234 only has a chance of winning the grand prize if the winning numbers are drawn in order 1243.
The game has a starting wage of one dollar for all players. On the other hand, players are free to advance to higher levels. This kind of courageous choice will result in a more considerable payout amount if you end up winning. Every day of the week, there are four drawings for the Pick 4 lottery and three different prize tiers.

Players can place a straight bet, the most common type of wager, in addition to a few other chances. Box straight, box front 3, box back 3, and choose 4 are examples. At the retail locations of Supreme Ventures, the organization in charge of running lotteries in Jamaica, you may get more details about the primary distinctions between the various types of bets offered.

Tickets for the Pick 4 game can be purchased at any location operated by Supreme Ventures around Jamaica. Further information about the places can be found on the official website of Supreme Ventures.

What are the Prizes for Playing Pick 4?

This thing is the most important.
The amount of money a Pick 4 Jamaica player will win is directly proportional to the quantity of the wager they place.
A player can earn four thousand dollars with only a single dollar bet. A player with a wager of ten dollars can win up to fifty-four thousand dollars.

Many serious Pick 4 gamblers have amassed substantial fortunes throughout the years. The high number of persons who have won Pick 4 more than once can be explained by the lottery’s favorable chances compared to other games.
According to 2012 data compiled by Supreme Ventures, between January and November of that year, Jamaicans earned almost $1.4 billion playing Pick 4.

What I Can Expect to Win in a Pick 4 game?

Supreme Ventures’ subsequent success with Pick 4 has made a lot of people very pleased. A father’s tale touched the hearts of the whole Jamaican community in the summer of 2018.

He staked his whole bankroll on the 6-6-6-6 and walked away with the top payout. Nakia Anderson said he would use the money for his son’s education by purchasing textbooks.

Winners of Pick 4 prizes must collect them within 90 days of the drawing date.
Winners can get up to $54,999 in cash at any Supreme Ventures store. Investing in the Highest Degree

Prize payment centers can also take care of all kinds of prizes, regardless of their worth, and the payment is made instantly.

To play for between $55,000 and $299,999, players must travel to one of the four Supreme Ventures regional retail locations in Kingston, Spanish Town, Savanna-la-Mar May Pen, or Montego Bay. As before, the transfer occurs instantly, and the money is handed out in cold, hard cash.

Visit the Supreme Ventures prize payment facility in New Kingston for more significant rewards. Cheques are used to disburse more considerable sums of money. The check is made available within 72 hours when the winning ticket is presented.


What are the pick 4 draw times?

The drawings are held each and every day at the following times: 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 8:25 p.m. Players have the opportunity to find out the most recent Pick 4 outcome as soon as it is announced because these events are televised and streamed live. Anyone who would like to see the drawing being broadcast on television must tune in to Television Jamaica at the specified time to do so.

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